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What is Rooted?

Rooted is an exciting, new programme run by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) Youth Challenge that wants to help young people who have received Christ continue to walk in Him; being rooted and built up and established in their faith (Colossians 2:6-7).

As part of Rooted, young people will come together in small groups of 2-4 people, accompanied by a study group leader, to study Godʼs word together, pray for one another and encourage each other in their walk with God.

Sessions will be separate for boys and girls, but will both focus on studying through a book of the Bible. From September to December, girls will be exploring together what a Christian woman thinks and does through the book of Colossians whilst guys will study together learning what Jesus says about how to live as a "real man” through the book of Ephesians. Each study book has 14 sessions, 7 of these will be done together as a Rooted session and 7 will be for individual study.

We pray that being part of Rooted will equip young teenage guys and girls to think, speak and live as disciples of Jesus. At Youth Challenge, we want to help young people in their walk with God without taking away from their current commitments through church, CEF or other organisations. Rooted is not to replace personal time spent in Godʼs word, or as a replacement for church services, but an additional help to encourage, support and build up young people so they can serve from a heart that is rooted in Godʼs word.

Who is it for?

As part of the goal of Rooted, younger Christian guys and girls will be paired up with a study group leader. It is likely this will be someone your son or daughter has met at camp as their leader. Each group leader is passionate about seeing young Christians being rooted, built up and established in their faith and will have been trained in leading and studying Godʼs word with a group of teenagers.

When is it?

Rooted sessions will take place every other week for 1 hour and will be flexible around the group members and their other commitments. Rooted will begin in September and finish in December. There may also be opportunity to begin a new study after Christmas, focusing on a different section of the Bible.

Where is it?

Each group will have somewhere convenient and safe for all members of the group, these details will be finalised closer to the time.

How do I join?


Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.

Psalm 31:24